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RACNA magazine is a media portal dedicated to the art and to the languages of the contemporaneity, which divulges and promotes the knowledge of the sector toward the members of a public of amateurs. The project, which is deeply rooted in Naples and in Italy , intends to compare the different realities that gravitate into the environment of the contemporary art both on the national territory and in the international context, through the creation of a network of cultural exchanges and partnerships.

The main objective is to offer an enjoyable and exciting “fresco “ on contemporary art, becoming one means of promotion and sharing of knowledge and therefore a resource that broadens the audience of fans in the industry, a meeting place and aggregation between operators and users. Racna promotes initiatives that value  young artists and aims to create a network among operators in the sector based on common interests.

Constituent members
The project is a collaboration of two Neapolitan Associations that for some years have been playing a pivotal role in promoting cultural events in different but complementary sectors, Marchese Editore and Componibile 62.

Since its debut Racna has launched strong and qualifying partnerships with its stakeholders that operate, even broadly , in the field of contemporary art. These enabled partnerships are effective and operative with the purpose of giving life to specific projects and events.

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